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Cabinet Painting Tips From The Pros

Kitchen remodeling, or just repainting your kitchen cabinets, can greatly improve the appearance and atmosphere of your home. However, painting your kitchen cabinets can easily go wrong, so it is important to follow the advice from professional painters to ensure the best results for your new cabinet look. Wood Cabinets Are Easiest For DIY Cabinet Painting Technically speaking, you could paint any type of material – but the result [...]

Refreshing Paint Colors For Your Fence

For generations, the American dream was the house with a white picket fence around it. The white fence became such a perfect option because it presented a pristine yard, perfectly accenting a person’s home. It truly added to the American dream. However, times of changed. We live in an age where people like to change it up a bit, and so the traditional white fence is not the ideal [...]

Picking Colors For A Nursery

It can be tough to choose colors for your newborn’s nursery. But I am pretty sure you want everything to be perfect for the new member of the family, especially if it’s your first child. Literally so much could be done to decorate the room but it all begins after you choose the colors. Before you set up a ladder and start painting, take a moment to consider the [...]

How To Pick The Exterior Color Of Your Home

Picking an exterior color for your house isn’t just difficult, it is a terrifying task, to be honest. A wrong choice can literally make your home seem featureless. On the other hand, a bold color can overwhelm the architecture. So long story short, everyone wants to be sure they get the color right in the first attempt. Exterior color scheme for home ideally has 3 parts – field color, [...]