Why should you hire a professional and reliable painter?2018-12-11T04:24:03+00:00

There are lots of reasons to let a professional paint your facility, home or office. With training and experience, they will be able to perform your project right the first time. Not only their service is time-efficient, but it is also stress-free. Instead of worrying yourself with messy clean-up, toxic fumes, and ladders trusted painters could get the job done as skillfully as possible.

What to do to prepare your house for painting?2018-12-11T04:23:24+00:00

All you have to do is to clear the room of breakables and small items. And we will be the one to move larger stuff for your convenience. Our team protects your pieces of furniture, floor coverings, and fixtures. Each possesses vast experience and have an attention to details.

Do you offer touch-up paint?2018-12-11T04:22:47+00:00

Of course, yes. After completing the job, we offer leftover paint for clean touch-ups at no additional charge. We are glad to serve you with 100% satisfaction. And this has been our goal since establishment.

Are you an insured and licensed painting specialist?2018-12-11T04:22:11+00:00

At Witecki Decorating, we are both insured and licensed. We carry Liability insurance policies and Worker’s Comp and provide a certificate of insurance. In case of accidents and injuries, we’ll be the one to cover the costs. Your safety and comfort is our number one priority. Most importantly, we strive hard to spend additional time to prepare the area without serious problems.

How long does a project last?2018-12-11T04:21:34+00:00

Generally, we can finish the job as soon as possible but the length of a painting project varies. We usually finish our residential painting service in less than a week. For large projects, we need more time to complete it. For a commercial solution, this typically lasts longer, and we’ll just inform you about the timeline. Having a set of cutting-edge materials and a versatile team, we can complete the task according to your schedule. We don’t prolong our job. We finish it on time to avoid unnecessary cost and overwhelming experience.

Is there a need to use special paint in the kitchen or bathroom?2018-12-11T04:20:57+00:00

Painting the entire property requires different solutions. The paint for the living room cannot be used for the bathroom. As one of the areas with high amounts of water or humidity, we utilize a mildew-resistant paint. Not only does it give a durable result, but it also offers an easy to clean finish. For our clients, we also recommend the use of eggshell or satin finish. This provides an added sheen that will effectively hold up better than other products.

Can homeowners leave the house while your team works?2018-12-11T04:20:22+00:00

Definitely. While you are in the office, our team will prepare and paint your home. As a matter of fact, our clients prefer to be gone while the task is in progress. Serving the industry for years, we have a trusted and reliable reputation. Before we send a group of painters to your home, each undergoes extensive employment screening like background checks. Wherever you go during the project, you’ll feel at ease.

How often should you paint the exterior?2020-03-24T11:43:24+00:00

Typically, an exterior paint lasts 8 -12 years. But this depends on the weather. For sun exposure and extreme temperature variations, more than a decade of use is enough. Over a long time, caulk joints are more likely to crack, which warrants re-painting to protect siding and trim. Any stained surface also requires extensive maintenance. The average is every 2-4 years. That’s why we highly recommend the use of high-quality and specially designed coatings to offer functional and long-term performance.

What should residential clients do to get ready for the painters?2018-12-11T04:18:12+00:00

Aside from determining the color of your choice, your job does not stop there. Your next task is to prepare your office or home. You can remove any pictures and decorative items from the walls. If you have pets, we ask that you secure them for safety and liability. For the exterior job, take down items that may be in the way of the surfaces we will be painting. This may include wind chimes, Christmas lights, potted plants, welcome mats, etc. For things that can’t be moved, we’ll lay down a protective covering.