Paint isn’t just for walls—we are proud to provide our customers with specialty floor paints made from epoxy and polymers that are specifically designed to coat, repair, protect, and decorate concrete floors. We can help you accomplish nearly any desired flooring look—marble, granite, tile, hardwood, slate, quartz, and stained finishes. Contact Witecki Decorating to discuss the endless design possibilities with our concrete flooring options designed to withstand regular and hard use.

The Concrete Protector line of floor paints we use underwent two years of testing in a variety of climates and conditions in order to produce a decorative concrete coating that was environmentally friendly and has practical applications for private residents as well as commercial and industrial needs.

Forget retiling or replacing the carpet and opt for more cost-effective and versatile flooring options. Currently available are the following concrete epoxy paint products:


Our most popular concrete floor paint that combines the benefit of epoxy coating with customizable marble designs.

concrete sealer 350

This concrete floor painting system mimics desirable flooring options like granite, quartz, and terrazzo while providing heavy duty coating and resurfacing for your floors.

concrete sealer 101

Simulate the look of high-end hardwood and rustic tiled flooring with this cost-effective and practical alternative.