It can be tough to choose colors for your newborn’s nursery. But I am pretty sure you want everything to be perfect for the new member of the family, especially if it’s your first child. Literally so much could be done to decorate the room but it all begins after you choose the colors.

Before you set up a ladder and start painting, take a moment to consider the room. Is the room big or small? Does it have enough natural light or are you going to need some brightening? Once you have properly analyzed the room, you can move towards picking the color.

Babies respond to colors just like children and adults do. You would want to do your best to create a stimulating environment for the baby and that can be done with colors. As your little one continues to grow, colors in the nursery play a significant role in their development. Newborns see in black in white but as soon as they are 3 months old, they start seeing colors. The design and the color of the nursery could help in brain development from there.

Keeping all that in consideration, you should put a lot of thought into picking the right colors for the baby’s nursery. Don’t worry, we are here to help you with that. Have a look at the following color choices:

Colors for baby girls

The first color that would have come to your mind must be pink, right? Yes, pink is definitely on the list but pick one in a softer shade to give a warm and cozy feeling. Pink doesn’t just look fresh, it can be very calming for kids who throw tantrums. But pink is not the only color for girls. Lavender is also a very soothing choice.

Colors for baby boys

Blue is a classic choice for boys. Remember, there numerous shades of blue. Since you want to keep the ambiance warm and soothing, go for softer shades of blue.

Neutral colors

Don’t want strongly masculine and feminine colors? No problem, there are still so many other neutral colors to choose from such as:

  • Green: Green is widely used for creating a learning environment. It promotes calmness and helps concentrate. It is also serene and natural.
  • Yellow: It’s bright and it helps promote concentration. Just make sure you stick to softer shades otherwise; the room would get too loud for the infant. No wonder lots of baby cry when they are left in bright yellow rooms for long. A buttery version of yellow would look gorgeous.
  • Brown: Lighter shades of brown or rich chocolate tone are always in the buzz. Brown is a wonderful color to use as an accent in your nursery.
  • Gray: Some say gray is associated with loneliness but that’s just a myth. It is a trending neutral color for home decor and your baby would love it too. Gray inspires creatively so it won’t be a bad idea to use it in your baby’s nursery paired with bright colors like yellow or pink.
  • White: If nothing makes sense, then simply go for white. With a white backdrop, you can get more creative and design the room with various accents. White can work with just about any color. You would need to work a little harder to keep white but hey nothing good ever comes easy.
  • Red: Infants respond well to it so feel free to add red accents in the nursery.
  • Orange: It’s a warm and friendly color. Those who love orange are social and fun loving people. But it’s recommended to use orange as an accent shade only.

Keep in mind that planning and prepping for your new baby can be time consuming and there is a lot to do – so give us a call to handle the painting tasks once you have your color choices sorted out.