For generations, the American dream was the house with a white picket fence around it. The white fence became such a perfect option because it presented a pristine yard, perfectly accenting a person’s home. It truly added to the American dream.

However, times of changed. We live in an age where people like to change it up a bit, and so the traditional white fence is not the ideal option for many people. Some are looking for different fence painting options that not only fit their home, but their own individual sense of style.

Your Fence Is Part of a Grander Design

Consider that your fence is a lot more than a simple barrier between your home and the outside world. This is part of your sense of style. Part of the landscape of your home.

Thus, when choosing a fence paint, you want to make sure that it not only blends in with the color of your home but fits in with the overall landscape of the property. This means that the fence should fit ideally with plants, flowers, stones, fountains, or any other kind of landscaping decor you have at it.

This gives you the capability of choosing a fencing that looks more modern, something that is not only coordinated in color but also in look. You could go with a traditional white picket fence if that fit the overall look of your landscaping. The options are up to you, as this is one more way that you can help to make your home your showcase.

What Colors Are Right for Me?

The truth is that you may not have considered the color of your fence all. Maybe you simply went with brown because that was the color of the boards. Maybe you had some extra paint from when you painted the exterior of your home and you use that color. For many, they have never really given this much of a thought.

However, if you are looking for a color that can really accent your home, then maybe it is time to start reconsidering the kind of color you want for your fencing. You want something that blends in with the overall landscape and look of your house, and so finding colors that add a certain panache can really spruce up your home.


For some, the use of black may seem a little too over-the-top. Black is usually a color associated with elegance or even with doom. Having a black fence may make you feel like you are coming home to some ancient evil castle.

However, lack is a great option. It fits in well with your plans and other foliage, and gives a great background for the rest of your property. It is especially great if you have use lighter tones around your home, or even on your home, making it stand out even more. Add some stones around the fence and a plush green grass and you really have something.


Blue is another one of those colors that is a lot more fun. You can choose a wide variety of blues, going with a softer option that gives a cooler and more subdued look, or you could go with darker shades that stand out more. Blue often gives a sharp contrast to most of the other colors around your property, and this is why it is becoming an extremely popular option.


Of course, gray is the ultimate neutral color. It fits in with just about anything and is why it is a popular color with fences as well. You can choose to go with the gray paint or simply choose a gray stain, each of which would give you a great look to your home.


Nothing says that you have to go with something out of the ordinary. Traditional white gives a great look and helps to make everything within your yard stand out. The green grass, bushes, and colorful flowers around your home really look sharp around a white picket fence. It is why it was so popular for years.

Natural Color

You also can choose to simply go with the color of the wood. If you stain it, so that whether does not damage it in any way, you can get a great look that will be something you will like for years.

A fence can be much more than a simple barrier between you and the outside world. Let it help to showcase your home, and you will enjoy the look so much more.