There is more to professional painting than painting the inside of your house or office space. One effective way to give your interior a whole new look is by painting or refinishing your already existing cabinets. You’d be impressed how much application of paint can drastically improve the look of your cabinets and the overall design of your space.

Our team of painters will help you achieve that fascinating look for your cabinets with remarkable speed and expertise. As with any of our painting options, we can help you through the color selection process with our complementary color consultation. Including recommendations to make your space appear bigger, brighter, or blend better with your current design or color scheme.

Benefits of Cabinet Painting or Staining

Painting or refinishing your cabinets means you get to keep the same overall design, storage options, and layout; which makes sense if you love your kitchen cabinets and current kitchen layout. The original structure of your cabinetry will stay put, and we won’t even need to turn your kitchen upside down to get the job done.

As an added bonus, painting your cabinets is a simple solution to home remodeling that produces impressive results and helps you to avoid costly renovation and cabinet installation.

Additionally, since you would still be using existing materials for the task, it proves to be a smart environmental choice.

Cabinet Painting Process
  • We use a paint sprayer to apply an even application of the paint  on the majority of your cabinet surfaces. This is done to ensure your cabinet finish is perfectly uniform.

  • On surfaces where using a sprayer is not ideal, we’ll use a brush and roller (specifically meant for cabinet painting) to apply the paint.

  • We ensure full coverage of paint smooth finish that gives your cabinets a brand-new appearance.

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