Do you want to spice up your home beyond the basic beige or builder’s grade white? Witecki Decorating is here to help you take your decorating experience to the next level by helping you navigate the infinite colors palettes available with our color consultation service.

Our color consultation service is a complimentary feature with any of our painting services or can be a service to help DIY painters find the right color choice of their home. Sometimes, getting insight from a professional painter can help provide you the nudge you needed in the right direction in your color choices. All of our professional painters have several years of experience in color and design coordination, modern painting trends and popular styles, and desirable color options to help you sell!

Paint Color Selection

Here are a couple of basic color design categories to help you decide which direction to take your commercial or residential painting services.
  • Monochromatic Colors are colors with one hue but are separated by their value and saturation. An example of using monochromatic colors would be pairing a soft, pale purple, combined with a “normal” purple and deeper, darker shade of purple.
  • Analogous Colors are when you combine three similar but different hues/colors. A prime example would be selecting a green, a greenish-blue color, and a blue one.
  • Complementary Colors are actually contrasting colors; they complement each other in how startlingly different they are. Typically, the color personality will be complete opposites. For example, “cool” and “warm” or “calming” and “vibrant” – like pairing and orange with a green or a blue with a yellow.

The right choice of color can make your room fun, exciting and sexy, or calming and peaceful. Color impacts our emotions and can create a mood in space without changing anything else. Color tells a story. What story is the color (or lack of color) in your home telling?

Let Witecki Decorating help your home speak volumes! Call us today or fill out an online form.