Leading Commercial Painting Company in Tampa

Witecki Decorating provides exceptional commercial painting services at outstanding prices. We handle both small and large commercial painting jobs performed by professional, well-trained painters. Since our inception, we know the commercial painting procedure thoroughly and understand what it takes to finish a project accurately, on time and within your budget.

Commercial painting is a vital part of any facilities maintenance plan. It helps keep your building looking fresh and appealing while protecting the structure from damage, with least expense.

We provide an array of services for commercial clients such as:
  • Hospitality

  • Industrial

  • Medical Facilities

  • Property Management

  • Retail

  • Gyms and Fitness Centers

  • Grocery

  • Religious Institutions

  • Government Institutions

  • Food Services

We offer the following commercial painting services:
  • All Phases of Prep Work

    Interior Painting which includes walls, base moldings, window casings, ceilings, doors, door trim, cabinets, chair rails, wainscoting, and even floors

    We serve the Greater Tampa Bay Area and surrounding areas. Let us put our many years of experience and skills to work for you.  The key to our huge success has been a perfect reputation of offering high-quality services and then standing 100 percent behind every project, every day and all through the year.

  • Interior and Exterior Commercial Painting 

    Our commercial painters are professionals. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for exterior or interior painting service for your commercial property, we have got you covered. Each job is unique—that is why you need a company that is skilled and can adapt to no matter what the needs of your commercial paint project may be. Our team of professional commercial painting experts can get it done.

  • Free Estimate and Fixed Pricing

    We provide free budget estimates. We have up-front pricing that can help you budget without surprises. During an initial assessment, we will indicate surface defects as well as underlying issues which may need to be solved before the paint goes on to make sure you get long-lasting results. We point out fractures and areas of possible water interruption that we can see which can cause rotting wood, desponding stucco, as well as rebar to take apart from the concrete.

  • Surface Preparation: The Key to Amazing Results

    Preparing the surface properly before applying the paint is vital for a successful and long-term result. At the start of every project, we will carefully prepare surfaces to be painted for best adhesion. We caulk and patch surfaces, we repair cracks and stucco, fix interior drywall, waterproof damp areas, remove rust as well as power wash the surface. With regards to exterior painting.

  • Minimal Disturbance to Your Commercial Property

    Our painters are skilled in commercial painting projects. They work as a team to complete the job fast. We work impeccably and professionally to lessen disruption to your workplace, working day and night and even weekends if required. We have experts who are capable in every facet of your painting job, from significant stroke work to the small detail needed, allowing us to handle all types of commercial jobs.

    Also, all our paints are low VOC paints, so your office or commercial space (and employees) won’t be subjected to harsh odors during or after we are done painting your office.

Why Hire A Commercial Painting Service Company?

Putting your business on hold for a painting project – not matter how drastically it is needed, is not an option you for as a business owner. We understand this and that’s why we get the job done as quickly as possible – and on a schedule that minimizes interruption to your business operations. We’ll be out of your workspace before you realize, giving ample time to still focus on your task and bringing in that revenue.

So, our speed in combination with our quality workmanship means you get unparalleled results. Every one of our commercial painters is:

  • Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Professional
  • Insured

We never compromise on the quality of our work because we want the complete satisfaction of our all our clients. We are in business to serve you, and we would not be happy with our work unless you are happy with it. Before packing up and cleaning up after ourselves, we always conduct a final walk-through with each of our clients before having you sign off on a job well-done.

Contact One Of Our Professional Commercial Painting Contractors To Get Your Free Painting Estimate!

If you want to know more about our commercial painting services, please feel free to contact us now! Know more about what we do, what sets us apart from the rest and how our professional team can help you improve the looks of your property.