Your home’s fence is rather important yet underrated part of any home, hence why it is often neglected when it comes to repainting and maintenance. Having a well-maintained fence, with the right color and condition makes your yard, as well as your home, look a more appealing.

If you are looking for a way to spice up the exterior of your house, without having to paint the entire house, you can do so by painting the fence. Also, a quality paint job extends the lifespan of your fence.

Benefits Of Professional Fence Painting And Staining Services
  • The apparent benefits of fence painting and staining are that it adds beauty and style to it. But aesthetics aren’t the only benefits for fence painting; application of paint or any other finish to your fence offers protection to the wood from adverse weather conditions and the elements.

  • Subjection to intense rain and sunlight, both things Florida has plenty of, can warp, discolor, or rot the wood in your fence. This is why it is ever so important to apply a finish to act as a protective shield.

  • If you are considering applying finishing to your wood fence, you can either paint or stain it. Paint offers the best protective cover for wood against moisture and sunlight and it does not have to be reapplied as often as staining does.

  • Staining your wooden fence offers an excellent moisture resistance. Coupled with the fact that staining your fence shows off the natural grain of the wood makes it the preferred option for fence owners. Staining, however, does not offer much protection against sunlight and needs to be re-applied every 3-4 years.

  • If you think you’re safe if you have a metal fence, think again. Staining may not be an option for your fencing but painting still is and a layer of paint still helps protect your metal fencing from sun and water. Together, too much sun and water can lead to rusting and deterioration of the strength of your metal fence, allowing it to stretch more than it should when leaned against.

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Fence painting is an art on its own as they are different stages of prepping to be carried out before the final lasting finish is achieved.

First, we will power wash your fence to remove any dirt, pollen, or debris that may interfere with the application of the pain. After that, protective coverings will be laid down to protect surrounding areas and plant foliage from paint drops or over spray.

Depending on the type of fence, the different application process will be utilized.

  • A wood fence will be sanded and primed with an exterior paint primer.
  • A metal fence will be thoroughly scrubbed with a wire brush and requires a rust inhibiting (oxide) primer.

Stains are usually applied using a brush while paint may be applied with the aid of rollers, brushes, paint sprayer, or some combination of the three. After the painting is done, we will have you review our work before signing off on a job well done. Once you have approved, we will perform a thorough cleanup of the painted area.