We all want to have that beautiful living space, with lots of attractive colors that add beauty and finesse to everything around us. With Witecki Decorating, you can get that lovely outlook you’ve always dreamed of for your home. For any residential painting services that you require, whether it is an exterior house painting or an interior one, we can professionally handle the task for you and provide you with speedy quality service.

Our professional experts are knowledgeable and experienced to paint anything you put forward. Whether you are looking to “freshen up” your space, redesign and remodel your home, or bring some life back into your back porch – we have a residential painting service for it

No matter your painting needs, we offer a wide range of services that provide you with top quality painting results. So, if you need an exterior rebranding or an interior makeover, we have the right tools, and experts to give you a fabulous paint job and make your home more appealing. For us, we pride ourselves in the speed and quality of our work.

House Painting Services We Offer
  • Interior House Painting

    The interior painting service we provide brings a whole new style and beauty to your space. Rebrand your living room, beautify your kitchen, brighten the play room, and add style to your bedrooms with our home painting services.

  • Exterior House Painting

    Our exterior house painting gives the outward appearance of a revitalized look to your home and property. Whether your exterior is made up of brick, stucco or vinyl, it doesn’t really matter as our responsive team of home painting experts will ensure a quality painting job.

  • Wallpaper Removal

    Home design trends come and go – and wallpaper has long come and gone. Unfortunately, as the look ages, removing wallpaper is a surprisingly large task than most homeowners want to deal with. Don’t waste your time peeling off old wallpaper when you can relax and let us do the job for you.

  • Drywall Repair And Preparation

    Your house is lived in, so its normal to have some dings and dents in your drywall. All of that wear and tear will disappear when the job is complete. We’ll ensure we patch, sand, and prime your drywall to give it that perfect and smooth surface prior to painting. When we are done, you will be amazed at the results.

  • Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

    With our Cabinet Painting and Refinishing services, you don’t need to spend significantly to get your cabinets looking brand new. Cabinet painting is much more advisable to employ than a complete overhaul, most especially when your cabinets are still in good condition.

  • Deck and Fence Painting

    Your deck can be a great place to hang out, more so when it looks fabulous in a new coat of paint or stain. Also, a well-painted fence is always a welcoming feature to any home. We can help your deck and fence look the part by giving them our quality paint services and help protect these outdoor features from Florida’s harsh summer weather.

  • Pressure Washing

    One of the most effective ways to get rid of years of accumulation of dirt, grime, mold, or mildew from the exterior of your home, walkways, or fencing is by power washing. As an added advantage, if we do any exterior painting for you, pressure washing is a part of the package!

  • Color Consultation

    If you have ever stood in front of the wall to wall color sample cards, you’ll know that selecting a color can be overwhelming. And who knew there were so many shades of blue? We know it is not an easy task to pick colors that’s why we provide a unique color consultation service to help you narrow down your choices. We’ll sit down with you and discuss which color meets your design requirements. All color consultations are free with any painting service!